Presenter Application

Our theme for TEDx Spokane 2018 is: “BEYOND OURSELVES” 
Creating practices and processes that take us out of our everyday perspectives and attachments.

We seek to explore the questions of: How we cultivate the skills and mindsets necessary to see beyond the limits of our own egos and aspirations? How do we set aside the habits of mind and judgment long enough to see into the world beyond ourselves? How does the world beyond ourselves compel us to action for the common good?

TEDx Spokane 2018 is an independently organized TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) event. TEDx Spokane has been very successful during our past six years and we continue to grow. Our conference this year will be held in downtown Spokane at the Bing Theater on October 6, 2018.

We are currently seeking presenter applicants for the TEDx Spokane 2018 Conference on this theme as found in a wide range of different areas, perspectives, industries, networks and contexts. We also welcome emerging talent in dance, music, the fine arts and the performing arts in general.

Speakers and talks for TEDx Spokane will be considered primarily (though not exclusively) upon the four following criteria:

– An Idea Worth Sharing,

– Passion and Energy,

– Authenticity,

– Connection to the theme of the Conference.

Please review speaker guidelines and expectations before submitting your application below.
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