Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell


Matthew Mitchell has researched the future for nearly 20 years helping organizations, governments, institutions, and individuals invent better futures through policy, investment, and planning. He is currently developing an online service to expand access to strategic visioning research. Matthew is driven by the thrill of helping people discover and develop new ideas about possible futures. We’re surrounded by the results of unfortunate decisions made by people with inadequate perceptions of the future. This is a problem. Luckily there are several people trying to solve this chronic problem. Within the past 10 years a growing body of scientific research has revealed that a significant portion of the population has a conceptual “future” in which the brain is unable to fully connect our current selves with our future selves, this can greatly affect how we make decisions. As a form of extreme future gap, some of us perceive our future selves as someone else entirely. To build better futures: we need better ways to think about the future, we need to bridge the future gap, we need to connect with our future selves. Matthew Mitchell presents a research technique designed to help individuals and groups explore their possible futures, harvest innovative ideas, and develop actionable visions.


Posted on December 12, 2017 in 2017-Event, Technology, TEDxSpokane Speakers

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