Kristin Kinder

Kristin Kinder


Living in eco-conscious Germany inspired Kristin Kinder to work for change at home. She has dumpster-dived all over the country and helped Fortune 500 businesses see the waste they generate in a new light.  As Ecova’s Product Manager for Waste, her background in recycling education and behavioral change has prepared her to develop waste programs that improve clients’ cost savings, efficiency, and recycling rates. When she’s not saving the planet, you will likely find her talking to strangers in another country, perusing a farmers market, hustling on a soccer field, or arguing about the Oxford comma. By the end of her TEDx Talk, she will have convinced you to rethink how you use resources daily.

Posted on December 12, 2017 in 2017-Event, Design, TEDxSpokane Speakers

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