Tucker Frye

Tucker Frye


Tucker Frye was born in Bend, Oregon. Moved to Spokane very shortly after birth. I had a pretty usual upbringing, I feel like because there was not much conflict in my childhood that it would have been easier for me to get involved in trouble if I hadn’t taken on dance. Dancing had really pushed me to improving myself and figuring out ways I can challenge myself from day to day. Out of high school I lost a lot of my friends who weren’t in to some physical activity or dance, so I was a little more of a loner in my early adult years. I had met Dmitry Bistrevsky and David Moyle both through dance and our group just grew from there. Suddenly, there were about ten of us and we would travel and eat and do everything together. It was then when I started realizing that you can really create a community with something as little as a common interest.

Posted on December 12, 2017 in 2017-Event, Entertainment, TEDxSpokane Speakers

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