Salvatore Lorenzen

Salvatore Lorenzen


Salvatore Lorenzen has been in the classroom going on 15 years. In the past he’s earned a living repairing office equipment, working on classified communications systems for the US Navy, working on IT networks, personal computers, mini-computers, and has also worked on rollercoasters and amusement park rides. He has directed and coached robotics and technology teams, camps, and experiences from grades K-12 and every year tries to do something new and different. Salvatore enjoys the challenge of learning a new technology or a system that challenges him in a new way and believes that the ‘fun’ comes in the challenge, which allows for creativity. Personally, his biggest challenge to date is teaching others. Teaching allows him to empower others and help them down the path of their own success which is a challenge in itself as it is never the same; every year is different, every class is different, and every student is different. He presently teaches Advanced Engineering Applications at Spokane Valley Tech and is a Master Teacher for Project Lead The Way. Sal’s talk will be about changing lives and teaching technology at the same time.

Hunter Skoien


Hunter Skoien is a recent high school graduate with a background in engineering and computer science and will be beginning his college career this winter in order to obtain a Computer Science degree. Hunter enjoys computer science, such as coding, as well as the art of creating and building a variety of things from prosthetics to robots. During high school, Hunter helped build a prosthetic hand for a veteran, an experience he will share in his talk.  During his senior year at Spokane Valley Tech, Hunter was ranked 4th in the nation for Mobile Robotics. Hunter made his own robot that allows the user to type and see the code at the same time. 

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