Michael Ebinger

Michael Ebinger


Michael Ebinger, a WSU professor, is currently the Director of the WSU Center for Innovation. His efforts and interests include commercializing technical research and evaluating the economic feasibility of new ideas and products through marketing research, business strategies, and operations. Michael helped to develop a novel spectroscopic analysis of soil elements that employed laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and assisted climate change measurements. The soil methodology was granted a US patent in 2010 and a derivative of this technology is at work on Mars aboard NASA’s Curiosity Rover. He leveraged his climate change research into pivotal policy development that was part of the foundation for greenhouse gas verification efforts during the Bush and Obama administrations. This information also formed the initial stages of key national security interests in climate change verification in denied-access territories. Michael remains an active classical musician as a student of viola and as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Spokane Symphony Orchestra. As an academic, he is developing course material for Professional Science Masters programs on the WSU Spokane and Pullman campuses. His talk involves how intellectual wellness can be developed.

Posted on December 4, 2016 in 2016-Event, Entertainment, TEDxSpokane Speakers

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