Samuel Mehaffy

Management Consultant, Workshop Leader, and Facilitator.

Meet TEDxSpokane speaker Samuel Mahaffy. Samuel Mahaffy, PhD is a management consultant, workshop leader, and facilitator who has assisted more than five hundred nonprofit organizations and NGOs around the world. He has worked with institutions of higher learning, community and faith-based organizations, and public and private agencies. As a specialist in conflict transformation, he seeks integral, collaborative, and relational perspectives on human engagement. He earned his Ph.D. from Tilburg University in the Netherlands through The Taos Institute of which he is now an Associate. Born and raised in Eritrea, East Africa, Samuel Mahaffy brings a perspective that is enriched by his encounter with the wisdom of indigenous cultures, relational approaches and the sacred texts of the major religions of the world. Mahaffy is also a consultant to nonprofits and NGOs worldwide and a Saint George’s parent speaking on the intersection of peacemaking and placemaking; “Peacemaking is more than an idea, it is a place. Creating vital community spaces that are safe is an essential aspect of transforming conflicts both locally and globally.”

Posted on November 18, 2014 in 2014-Event, Design, TEDxSpokane Speakers

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