Owen Marcus

What 10,000 Years Of Progress Has Cost.

Owen explores the intersection of human history and masculinity and reflects on what 10,000 years of progress has cost us emotionally and what we can learn from it.

Owen’s journey in healing his dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome led him to see a bigger challenge, one that we all face: how to connect emotionally with others. Like many men, Owen was never taught how to relate emotionally to others as a man. Through twenty years designing and redesigning men’s groups, he found a way to provide to men what they were missing.

Owen now teaches men how to start their own men’s groups and how to lead men’s groups. The documentary movie, About Men, reveals the innermost workings of the Sandpoint Men’s Group, the group he started in 2005. And in his book Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence, Owen teaches men – and women – what men were never taught.

Owen’s MQ Test, scores a man’s proficiency in the five Masculine Emotional Intelligence traits, giving men a starting point to understand. His book and his model for men’s groups give men a roadmap for how to get to where they want to be. The growing success of men’s groups is transforming the model of what it is for a man to be emotional. The emotional revolution created from men learning the simple skills of emotional connection will set men free to connect to those they love.

Website: http://freetowin.co

Blog: www.owenmarcus.com

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