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Carrie Davis

Carrie Davis Carrie Davis is Spokane native (born and raised) and a big fan of the Pacific Northwest. Carrie is a teacher, mom, daughter and partner, a surrogate mom for herfriends, and for the last nine years she has coordinated and built a nationwide peer support and mentorship program for amputees. Carrie currently works in Patient…

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Anna Ho

Anna Ho Anna Ho uncovers actionable insights for Fortune 500 companies. With a master’s in Technology, Innovation & Education from Harvard and a second master’s in Media Studies from Stanford, she has over a decade of experience in education (in the U.S. and South Korea). She believes in order to design meaningful experiences for people, we…

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Kevin Sanders

Kevin Sanders Kevin Sanders has spent more than 25 years in marketing, including senior-level roles and consulting in financial services, hospitality, higher education, high tech, healthcare, and foodservice. He is currently the CMO for a technology startup. Kevin believes trust is the foundation of all great companies, organizations and institutions. However, he also believes that…

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Brook Swanson

Brook Swanson Brook Swanson is a professor in Biology. He teaches a variety of courses in involving physiology, evolution, and marine biology. Through his research in evolutionary biology he explores the design of animals from an engineering and evolutionary perspectives. This work has brought Brook to an interest in collaboration and in communicating ideas in…

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Aaron Hesse

AARON HESSE Aaron Hesse is an electrical engineer and building technology specialist. He currently designs and oversees the construction of network infrastructure at Avista Utilities. He is passionate about making buildings more connected and efficient and will be speaking to us on the future of building technology and its role in disrupting the utility industry.

Monty Lomazzi

MONTY LOMAZZI Monty Lomazzi aka “Mustang Freak” — Racing Drone Pilot and the Chapter Organizer for SpokaneFPV, a regional Tier 2 MultiGP drone racing chapter. Myself and others like me are using fields, parks, even their backyards across the globe to redefine what it is to pilot remote vehicles of all types. With us pushing the limits…

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Matthew Mitchell

MATTHEW MITCHELL Matthew Mitchell has researched the future for nearly 20 years helping organizations, governments, institutions, and individuals invent better futures through policy, investment, and planning. He is currently developing an online service to expand access to strategic visioning research. Matthew is driven by the thrill of helping people discover and develop new ideas about…

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John Tomkowiak

JOHN TOMKOWIAK John Tomkowiak, MD, MOL, is the founding dean of the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. A professor of psychiatry and board certified in general psychiatry, as well as a master degree holder in organizational leadership, Dr. Tomkowiak has expertise in the areas of innovation in medical education, accreditation, and…

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Chris Wood

CHRIS WOOD Chris Wood’s broad business experiences and skills in the methodology of the Toyota’s Business Model, also known as Lean Thinking, has helped shape many of his future-forward views of the world. He is educated as a mechanical engineer and has provided engineering, operations, sales and marketing leadership roles in industries varying from dirt…

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Rhonda Young

RHONDA YOUNG Rhonda Young is a professor of civil engineering at Gonzaga University specializing in transportation systems.  She studies the role of transportation on safety, mobility, and efficiency of communities and regions and is excited about creating more livable and economically healthy communities. Rhonda’s talk looks at future transportation technology and it’s likely impacts on our…

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