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Matt Miller

Educator. Matt Miller has more than 31 years experience in education. He currently serves as the Human Interaction Strategist with PRIDE Preparatory School of Science and Technology design team. A co-founder of the Riverpoint Academy, district administrator, technologist, and a teacher in public school systems and private universities, Matt now focuses his professional energy on…

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Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips Meet TEDxSpokane Speaker Rachel Phillips. Rachel is a global citizen with roots stretching from Spokane, Washington to Accra, Ghana. Growing up in a family that gave new meaning to the word “diaspora,” she became fascinated by the idea of building communities that transcend geographical and cultural differences. Rachel currently serves as the Communications…

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Bryan Vila

Professor, Sleep Researcher – WSU-Spokane – Sleep Research in Critical Occupations. Bryan Vila, PhD, is a professor of criminal justice and criminology at Washington State University. He pioneered the study of police fatigue, and currently directs the Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks laboratory at WSU Spokane’s Sleep and Performance Research Center. His research focuses on the…

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Susan Foster-Dow

Bricolage and Parenting Global Citizens. Meet TEDx Spokane speaker Susan Foster-Dow, Consultant and International Traveler. Susan is captivated by the idea of bricolage – using resources at hand to accomplish a given objective. She brings this “make it work” creativity to her professional life as a consultant helping businesses and organizations adapt and thrive in a…

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Hailey Poutiatine

Freshman Performer at Saint George’s School. One of the musical performers at TEDxSpokane will be Hailey Poutiatine, a 9th grader at Saint George’s School. She writes and sings her own compositions in the style of modern folk music.

Dave Jensen

The Executive’s Paradox. Leadership Educator & Author: Dave Jensen employs his extensive background in marketing, research, and leadership to transform proven leadership tools into client success stories. His past professional experiences include: becoming an award-winning salesperson for Siemens; publishing and directing research at the UCSD; and serving as an executive at UCLA. For the last…

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Sonya Elliott

Back on the Court. Meet TEDxSpokane speaker Sonya Elliott. Sonya is a writer, a basketball coach, a fashion model, a wife and a mom. Her memoir, Back on the Court: A Young Woman’s Triumphant Return to Life, Love and Basketball, is her story of surviving and thriving after tragedy. In 1991, just days before her…

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