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Adam Schluter

Adam Schluter Adam Schluter, an award-winning, National Geographic published photographer, decided to put landscape and travel photography behind him and focus on trying to use a camera to connect with people all around him. In the last six months, he has been to over 16 countries and just walked up to strangers to ask them…

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Robbi Anthony

Robbi Anthony Robbi Anthony is an entrepreneur, a transgender activist and a business owner. Robbi started her first business 10 years ago in Spokane while in high school and hasn’t looked back. Her focus is inclusivity; inclusivity requires discomfort, as that’s the heart of empathy. Through her insights about the nature of loss, pain, hope…

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Mandy Manning

Mandy Manning Mandy Manning is the 2018 National Teacher of the Year. Mandy teaches in the Newcomer Center (English language development for brand new immigrant and refugee students) at Ferris High School in Spokane. She is a wife and mother. Mandy believes passionately in first understanding her students and their experiences. The first step to serving…

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Erika Prins Simonds

ERIKA PRINS SIMONDS Erika Prins Simonds has written hundreds of journalism articles, carving a niche for herself as a storyteller. That’s in her spare time. During the day, she is program coordinator for the creative non-profit Spark Central. She lives in downtown Spokane with her husband and two cats. A multipotentialite, she’s done stints in politics and marketing, managed…

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Francis Adewale

  FRANCIS ADEWALE was admitted to the Washington State Bar in June 2000. He is H. George Frederickson Honors Graduate of Eastern Washington University. Francis was born in Nigeria and was sworn in as an American citizen in 2005. He has served as Assistant Public Defender for the City of Spokane, since May 2001. He…

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Judy Cornish

JUDY CORNISH Judy Cornish is an elder law attorney, author, and the founder of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network (DAWN). I spend most of my time running DAWN and my dementia care business, Palouse Dementia Care, and teaching families and dementia caregivers how to use the tools of the DAWN Method. I am passionate…

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Tucker Frye

TUCKER FRYE Tucker Frye was born in Bend, Oregon. Moved to Spokane very shortly after birth. I had a pretty usual upbringing, I feel like because there was not much conflict in my childhood that it would have been easier for me to get involved in trouble if I hadn’t taken on dance. Dancing had…

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Aaron Hesse

AARON HESSE Aaron Hesse is an electrical engineer and building technology specialist. He currently designs and oversees the construction of network infrastructure at Avista Utilities. He is passionate about making buildings more connected and efficient and will be speaking to us on the future of building technology and its role in disrupting the utility industry.

Kristin Kinder

KRISTIN KINDER Living in eco-conscious Germany inspired Kristin Kinder to work for change at home. She has dumpster-dived all over the country and helped Fortune 500 businesses see the waste they generate in a new light.  As Ecova’s Product Manager for Waste, her background in recycling education and behavioral change has prepared her to develop…

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Monty Lomazzi

MONTY LOMAZZI Monty Lomazzi aka “Mustang Freak” — Racing Drone Pilot and the Chapter Organizer for SpokaneFPV, a regional Tier 2 MultiGP drone racing chapter. Myself and others like me are using fields, parks, even their backyards across the globe to redefine what it is to pilot remote vehicles of all types. With us pushing the limits…

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