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Adam Schluter

Adam Schluter Adam Schluter, an award-winning, National Geographic published photographer, decided to put landscape and travel photography behind him and focus on trying to use a camera to connect with people all around him. In the last six months, he has been to over 16 countries and just walked up to strangers to ask them…

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Jim Sheehan

Jim Sheehan Jim Sheehan has a deep thirst for justice, in all of its forms. Jim Sheehan spent his first 20-year career as a public defender where he witnessed society’s cast of “disposable characters” and understood how deeply the systems that are meant to protect people can fail them. He became frustrated by the way…

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Brook Swanson

Brook Swanson Brook Swanson is a professor in Biology. He teaches a variety of courses in involving physiology, evolution, and marine biology. Through his research in evolutionary biology he explores the design of animals from an engineering and evolutionary perspectives. This work has brought Brook to an interest in collaboration and in communicating ideas in…

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