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Alan Chatham

Aesthetic Populism. Digital artist and cultural promoter strives to create art and curate window diplays for the masses and encourages you to seek out beauty around you. Alan Chatham uses art and technology to improve public spaces in creative ways. Formerly a researcher studying how people play in urban spaces and how they interact with…

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Brook Martin

Inventor and Founder of iCpooch. A great idea helped Brooke launch her entrepreneurial career and landed her on Shark Tank. Her passion for solving problems and business keeps her inventing new solutions for pooches and people alike. Brooke is a 15-year-old entrepreneur from Spokane, Washington. Her career was launched at Startup Weekend Spokane in the Fall…

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Owen Marcus

What 10,000 Years Of Progress Has Cost. Owen explores the intersection of human history and masculinity and reflects on what 10,000 years of progress has cost us emotionally and what we can learn from it. Owen’s journey in healing his dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome led him to see a bigger challenge, one that we all…

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Paul Carugati

Cyber Self-Defense. Paul will provide insights about the current “threat landscape” on the internet and how  to stay safe in a dynamic environment. Paul is a seasoned IT and Information Security leader with over 15 years experience in a Fortune 300 enterprise atmosphere. His vision of innovative, next-generation technology is focused on enabling business operations…

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