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Alan Chatham

Aesthetic Populism. Digital artist and cultural promoter strives to create art and curate window diplays for the masses and encourages you to seek out beauty around you. Alan Chatham uses art and technology to improve public spaces in creative ways. Formerly a researcher studying how people play in urban spaces and how they interact with…

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Susan Foster-Dow

Bricolage and Parenting Global Citizens. Meet TEDx Spokane speaker Susan Foster-Dow, Consultant and International Traveler. Susan is captivated by the idea of bricolage – using resources at hand to accomplish a given objective. She brings this “make it work” creativity to her professional life as a consultant helping businesses and organizations adapt and thrive in a…

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Dave Jensen

The Executive’s Paradox. Leadership Educator & Author: Dave Jensen employs his extensive background in marketing, research, and leadership to transform proven leadership tools into client success stories. His past professional experiences include: becoming an award-winning salesperson for Siemens; publishing and directing research at the UCSD; and serving as an executive at UCLA. For the last…

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Samuel Mehaffy

Management Consultant, Workshop Leader, and Facilitator. Meet TEDxSpokane speaker Samuel Mahaffy. Samuel Mahaffy, PhD is a management consultant, workshop leader, and facilitator who has assisted more than five hundred nonprofit organizations and NGOs around the world. He has worked with institutions of higher learning, community and faith-based organizations, and public and private agencies. As a…

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Jeff Thomas

Educator and International Executive. Meet TEDxSpokane speaker Jeff Thomas, a highly experienced international executive. For the largest part of his career, he ran one of the largest international student travel companies in the world, Ambassador Programs, which had students from over 100 different countries participating on the programs. As CEO for Ambassador Programs, Jeff worked…

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